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Meet Dr. Karla and Dr. Rob



Family/Internal Medicine

Preventive Health


Spiritual Health/Healing

Emotional Wellness

Our Story

Kingdom driven husband and wife team, Dr. Robert C. Robinson III, MD and Dr. Karla L. Robinson, MD have taken an unprecedented multidimensional approach to empowering the community to live their best and healthiest lives yet. Committed to tackling health disparities and improving health literacy and awareness, Drs. Robinson want everyone to experience abundant living.

Knowing what it means to face and conquer health challenges on both a personal and professional level, together they have witnessed the power of God transform lives—allowing many to reclaim their health after living in sickness for years.

Recognizing the need to empower the community to become more proactive in maintaining their health, Dr. Karla and Dr. Rob established the Urban Housecall Health Media Group, a comprehensive, multimedia health and wellness resource designed to bring you information on health, healing, and abundant living. Whether through community education, health fairs, public speaking, or personal and corporate consulting, Drs. Robinson are committed to educating you about health maintenance, disease management and prevention, and the risks of neglecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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